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The guitar tutorial provides the opportunity to learn how to play the instrument, and also has all the necessary lessons on notice.


How to choose the guitar correctly. Purchase guitar

Purchase guitar

There is a fairly popular view that a person with a big wallet has some benefits in choosing …

Guitar setting online

Guitar setting online

Adjusting the guitar is a very important element of learning, which should know and be able to every guitarist. The…

Landing guitarist

Professional guitarist Anna Vidovich

For a good work out of the right hand setting and its impeccable fixing, playing the guitar should be in …

Guitar device

Guitar device. Image 2.

Most guitars consist of 2 major parts – this is a housing (or what else is called …

History guitar

Baroque guitar. Epoch Baroque.

The history of the guitar begins in the distant past, many centuries ago. Still not quite clear …

Types of chords

Cords for guitar

Chord may be basically or in circulation. The main type of chord is formed in that …

Chords and their construction

Chords for guitar and their construction

The sober simultaneous sound of several (as well as two) sounds in any combination is called consonance. Accord …

Removing sounds with a mediator

Mediators for guitar

In the pop orchestras or guitar ensembles, it is used mainly to perform chords on it, sounds …


Flagolets on the guitar

The flag is called sound with a peculiar rubber color. Flagolates are natural and artificial. To extract natural …

Glissando, Tremolo, Vibrato

Glyssando reception on guitar

Glissando is a sliding transition from sound to sound is called Glissando. In the notes for the guitar this technique …

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Guitar Tutorial

If you have recently wondered how to learn to play a guitar, then with full confidence, we declare that you got exactly at. Our tutorial playing guitar will help you master the instrument in the shortest possible time, but at the same time will not give superficial knowledge, but full and significant lessons about music and music record as a whole.

How to learn to play guitar

Most musicians who have just started learning the lessons of playing games on the guitar, as a rule, the most important question arises: and how much you need to play the instrument, how much time you need to practice a day for the most complete learning efficiency. For these and other issues related to time, there is one very simple and correct answer – the more hours you will pay the work on the receptions, the learning of parties and works per day, the better you will have to get.The execution of classic compositions or, for example, modern songs, will become more expressive, and the receptions of the game will eventually come to sound more beautiful and more distinct if you will pay for them due.

Of course, all day to deal with just a guitar does not make sense, unless you are a professional musician. Therefore, for the game on the guitar, the morning is best suited, since it is much more productive for a fresh head and pull the movements much more productive. If you are usually busy in the morning, the evening is not bad too. Learning and lessons of playing guitar should usually take at least one or two hours a day. In the occurrence of pain on the pillows of the fingers or simply the fatal of hands is best to break a little, relax, shake hands. It would be perfect at all, if you studied theory in such interruptions. Ahead with practical classes, the theory is absorbed far faster. After your hands dried slightly, you can go back to the game.

In order to properly develop your hearing and execution, our tutorial game of the guitar recommends constantly monitoring the sound of each of your notes. It should be absolutely clean, fulfilled without noise interference, rattling and sound exactly how much it requires its duration. If, when studying a song or composition, you are faced with a difficult place in place, then it is best to study it first at a very slow pace, and then, as far as possible and overcoming difficulties, gradually increase the tempo to normal. Music for practical classes should be chosen as your skills develop, you should not begin on the very first day of learning from complex Juliani etudes or Sonatas Mozart.

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