The development of Pavlodar will shift to the Sport City area

So in the regional center they intend to move away from infill development

According to the press service of the oblast akim, akim of the city Asain Baikhanov reported to the head of the region on the development of housing construction.

In particular, it is proposed to start building a new residential microdistrict on the territory of the Sport City town. Residential buildings will be built around existing and under construction sports facilities, for which it is planned to give 33.7 hectares of land. A school, a kindergarten, a shopping and entertainment center and other infrastructure will be located on more than 23 hectares.

Abylkair Skakov, having listened to the report of the mayor, appreciated the advantages of this project. The main thing is that the development of such a land mass is a serious response against the infill development of the regional center and will serve as a transition to complex and quarterly development. That is, another modern and self-sufficient microdistrict with a full-fledged social and other necessary infrastructure will appear in Pavlodar.


It is also attractive that the new microdistrict

located near the heat sources of CHPP-2 and CHPP-3. There are also tram lines nearby, which greatly simplifies the provision of public transport for the residents of the future microdistrict. In the case of further development of Pavlodar towards CHPP-1, there may be problems with heat supply in the southern part of the city.

According to Asain Baykhanov, according to experts, the construction of the new microdistrict meets environmental requirements and is located outside the sanitary protection zones of industrial enterprises. In addition, the complex is proposed to be fenced with a green belt of 100 hectares.

According to the head of the region

the city akimat should set high requirements for the quality of housing for potential developers.

In addition, the construction of a new microdistrict will give an additional economic effect, as construction industry enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, and other related industries will start working. It is also obvious that sports facilities located on the territory of the Sport City campus, without the presence of nearby residential complexes, will be less attractive to residents of the city.

Akim of the region recalled

that the construction of a new Jastar microdistrict was proposed at a recent strategic session. In this regard, it is possible to consider the possibility of combining new projects with existing sports facilities and implement everything in one project and microdistrict.

In general, the head of the region approved the proposed project and plans for the development of housing construction in Pavlodar, instructing to bring this issue to public hearings in the near future and take into account all the opinions of the townspeople.

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