2013/14 April 6 (Sunday) Dynamo (Moscow) – Anzhi (Makhachkala) 0: 4, championship, away

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Data 2013/14 April 6 (Sunday) Dynamo (Moscow) – Anzhi (Makhachkala) 0:4 , championship, away

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Anji (Makhachkala) – Dynamo (Moscow) 4:0 (2:0)

April 6, 2014, Sunday. 16:00 Moscow time 24th round. Kaspiysk. Anji Arena Stadium. 12980 spectators (capacity – 28000).

Judges: M. Vilkov (Nizhny Novgorod), A. Glot (Yaroslavl), D. Koloskov (Ufa). Reserve: G.Kravchenko (Pskov). Delegate: R. Kiselev (Tomsk). Inspector: A. Lapin (Ufa).

Anji: Kerzhakov, Yeshchenko, Grigalava, Epuryanu, Gadzhibekov, Mkrtchyan, Akhmedov, Aliev (Bilyaletdinov, 76), Bystrov, Smolov (Serderov, 65), Bukharov (Gadzhiev, 40).
Substitutes: Anointed, Dzhenetov, Agalarov, Angbwa, Everton, Sobolev, Maksimov, Abdulavov, Burmistrov.
Head coach – Gadzhi Muslimovich Gadzhiev.

Dynamo: Gabulov, Kozlov, Douglas, Granat, Samba (Kasaev, 46), Ionov (Solomatin, 81), Denisov, Yusupov (Noboa, 46), Dzhudzhak, Kokorin, Kuranyi.
Substitutes: Berezovsky, Frolov, Wilkshire, Rotenberg, Fernandez, Zhirkov, Zobnin, Florescu, Dyadyun.
The head coach is Dan Petrescu.

Goals: 1:0 Bukharov (11), 2:0 Smolov (30), 3:0 Serderov (66), 4:0 Gadzhiev (82).

Warnings: Epuryanu (58), Hajiyev (83) – Samba (20).

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SERGEY SILKIN: If the players do not earn their big money, they need to be dispersed. Today in Kaspiysk, Anji defeated Dynamo Moscow (4:0) within the 24th round of the Russian Football Championship. For the first time since 2011, the Russian national team player Fyodor Smolov scored. Former Dynamo head coach Sergey Silkin analyzed the big defeat of the blue and white
1. What happened to Dynamo? There were no prerequisites for such a defeat. The team is unrecognizable. Anji acted faster and more technically. You have to be on the team to understand what they breathe. But it is clear and so: something is unfavorable inside. The players are good. They cannot unlearn how to play football in a week.
2. Players don't want to work with Petrescu? It's not about that. Footballers have to earn their crazy money. If it does not work, then they need to be dispersed. It is no longer possible to say that this Dynamo was assembled recently. Six months have passed, there was a three-month break. Once again, we are convinced that it is not the names that play, but the team. Anji had a team. They wanted – they won.
3. Why did Smolov score against Dynamo? Against his own team, any player has increased motivation. Smolov has so many chances! It was clear that sooner or later he would score. Insist on him not playing under the terms of the loan? Only in football we include such an item. Abroad, rented players are playing everywhere. Let's see if it will be easier for Fedor to score now. Then Bukharov gave him such a pass that it was more difficult to miss than to score.
4.Why wasn't Cocker visible? The whole team was not visible. Zero scored, four missed. What else to talk about? About tactics and tasks of specific players? But for this you need to hear the installation of the coach …
5. Dynamo crossed out of the championship race? Certainly.

Anatoly Baidachnaya: Dynamo Need another coach . Former Dynamo striker Anatoly Bairy after defeat from Anji in the match of the 24th round of the Premier League (0: 4) expressed the opinion that the white-blue and head coach of the Danan team Petresku is on the wrong way. Honestly, I looked at only the first half. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart … – said Baidachny. As a result, Dynamo lost with a score of 0: 4. Caught okay! Somemother …
Should the Ordders follow?
I have already said that Dynamo needs another coach! First, Dynamo has always been such an aristocratic club. I remember perfectly hownoted myself. And now … just the eye cuts.
Secondly, having such a composition, the team shows antifutball. How can you act from defense with such performers? What can I count with such a game? Gold here and does not smell. The words of Nikolai Petrovich Starostin Nobody canceled: the Cup wins defense, and the championship – attack. So fans are correctly indignant about the content of the game of your team.
On the white-blue championship you put the cross. Will they fall into the medals?
I don't think. My troika of the medalists is as follows: Zenit, Lokomotiv, CSKA.
Fedor Smols finally scored today. Believe that now he is broken?
I am glad for him, a talented guy. However, if in 45 games to score only one goal, it is insanity. Defender indicator. Give God to continue in the same spirit. Time will tell.

Alexander Bubnov: Dynamo fell apart after the second goal. Permanent expert SportBoh.ru Alexander Bubnov commented on the defeat of Dynamo in the guest match of the 24th round of the Premier League against Anji (0: 4). Despite the large personnel potential, there is no consent to Dynamo. White-blue are extremely unstable, regularly admit gross mistakes in defense and even in winning matches once over and over again. They wanted, yielding two goals in the course of the meeting, the excessive form of CSKA, but collapsed, losing with the same score seemed to be a hopeless outsider Anji. Having compounds, in all parameters, it is able to fight for the championship, Dynamo as if it works without much zeal on the initial task for the season – a place in the five. Dynamo squeezed and willingly attack flanks, but when the opponent manage to overlap them, difficulties begin. There is no playymaker in the center of the field, as a result of which the positional attacks do not carry the proper threat. Another plus for Makhachkalans became the fact that in the ranks of the opponent there were many of their former teammates, which, in particular, he knows Haji Hajiyev.
The fact that Dynamo serious problems inside the team testifies the unscheduled assembly scheduled for Tuesday. What exactly they conclude, you can only assume. There are different versions, up to the desire of the players to part with the coach, but all this is still only rumors. Specific conclusions will follow after the internal parsing of flights. Be that as it may, in the current season Dynamo can now be maximal to compete for the third place. In no case are the merit of the opponent in any case, the merit of the Anji players, which came like the last fight. And the owners surpassed Dynamo in all respects. For Makhachkalay residents reiterated hope to get out of the departure zone. The separation from the fourteenth place is five points, and the two following meetings to them carry out with struggling for the title locomotive and zenith. Anji remains to hope for truly powerful finishing jerks and that Tom with Volga will not increase the gap in the next two rounds.

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After the match, the head coach Dynamo shared his comments: it's hard to talk after such a result. Although we began not bad, had moments at the goal of the opponent. But Anji at the first opportunity opened the score, and then the game was on the scenario of the Dagestan team. It was one of the worst of our games. Perhaps this is the most difficult moment since I headed Dynamo. And you can overcome it, only winning the next match.

After the match, His comments shared the head coach Anji: the match was successful for us. Still, Dynamo is one of the championship leaders, and it was not easy to win. I am grateful to the players for the dedication, for the strict implementation of the preyagon agreements. And we are also grateful to fans for such active support.
Replacing Bukharov and Aliyev are caused by damage?
Yes. Although the replacement of Aliyev was planned as one of the possible options: another candidate for replacement was the fast, who won the match in a very good dynamics. The state of the players should be known tomorrow after the examination.

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The Anji youth loses the leader of the tournament. The beginning of the match was held in the struggle for the initiative, and then Makhachkalasy gradually took the ball under control. An indignation in the audience caused an episode in the 13th minute: M. Musalov was sharply broken into the penalty area, where he was shot down, but the whistle of the arbitrator was silent. And in the next attack Anji cleaners almost sent the ball into the gate after the flank strike. Even in one episode of Umarov, Omarova brings to the impact position, which almost falls into the far corner! Dynamo answered a dense strike of Zobnin – Janets in place. But after a few minutes, the Zobnin put the point when the corner draw – 0: 1.Makachekali is played under the curtain of half: the handsome shove in the nine manage to Umaro – 1: 1. But immediately after the break, the guests came forward again: Kuzmin from 17 meters struck Genetov's gate – 1: 2. The entire second half of the owners came to the opponent's gate. Dangerous moments missed Gazimagomedov and Umarov. One on one with the goalkeeper Dynamo was convinced by Udunyan, but struck near the barbell. Already in the end of the match from the slaughter position, T. Musalov missed. As a result, save the match the owners never managed …

After the match, the coach of the Youth team Anji shared his comments: Ruslan Agabekovich, how fair is this defeat?
The right question is: an unfair defeat, on the game we deserved a note. The game itself was good, it can be seen that Dynamo experienced team. I do not want to justify or guys. But I think the game liked the audience on entertainment, at the moment. Again, this is football, and say that we are not lucky somewhere. It was necessary to score. It happened as it happened.
And you can say that Anji played against the explicit leader?
Yes, Dynamo is a good team, they are not the first year playing in this composition. All the age of them for the issue, almost all of 1993 of birth. But I would like to make an accent on this. On the game, the beginning of the match was behind us, created moments. Now revised the moment associated with the unappreciation of the penalty on Musalov. They recognized that the penalty was, but again it is not happy for us, we have such a thing: the judges come, apologize, and the result does not change. I have not yet seen a mistakes in our side.
Returning to the content of the game: The beginning of the match was left behind us, and then we hooked, gave the middle of the field. In principle, initially we were going to play the second number and more hope for counterattacks. Some attacks we managed, and problems in the final stage were associated with individual craftsmanship. We warned that you need to be attentive and play easier, but the first minute after the break, and this Lump Musalov, who did not simplify, did not knocked the ball, but tried to put the body, – the opponent played well in that episode. Next, the game moved to half the field of the opponent, and already Dynamo more acted on counterattacks. We had good segments in the attack, in the end and defenders began to connect more, tried to save the game. It did not work, although there were good moments. In general, the game was liked. The guys played good football with a strong opponent. The championship has not yet ended, and together we must draw conclusions and prepare for the next game.
In the course of the match you spent several replacements. In particular, the factory forward Dibirgagadzhiev left the field. How did he show himself?
He is a young guy, and he does not have enough Silenok, it is due to age. He must add in the game. We put it we are because he has good qualities.Psychology, head, character is very important for a young football player, and if the player shows himself, will be laid out the most in every game, in every episode – it is able to grow in a good football player. What concerns the replacement: the player has heard a little, and we considered that the benefit in It will not bring this game in attacking actions. They tried to refresh the game and on the flanks that we managed, Anwar aggravated the game in the attack, there were a good 2-3 transmission from his flank, almost enough completion.
Bad luck?
I do not know what to say, in principle, and Dynamo Could a couple of times might catch us on counterattacks and score the third goal. We have to analyze the game and prepare for the next match. Website FC Anji.

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The separation is saved. Hard match. Rivals played almost on equal. Lucky strongest. The gap of ten points creates a very favorable advantage of Dynamo over CSKA in the struggle for the championship.
0: 1 Kuzmin received the transfer from Morozov and almost from the front one to another corner of the penalty area, where Zobnin since the summer put the ball into the gate.
1: 1 Umarov strongly struck because of the penalty between the hands of Shunin.
1: 2 The first attack on the right flank in the second half Dynamo completed the taking of the gate, Kuzmin

The effective debut of Kuzmin. White-blue youth continues to move a confident flow at the tournament distance. In the next round, the wards Dmitry Khokhlov understood almost with the most terrible rival from those that remained until the end of the championship. With the second and third teams of the table – CSKA and the locomotive – ​​our no longer play, and Anji was located immediately behind them. Makhachkalay showed, at the expense of which they climbed so high, resistance was very serious, and the intrigue was preserved until the last minute. Considering how white-blue reservists are usually played with some safety margin, and this can be considered a good achievement for the opponent. It is noteworthy that the game of our double does not hold on two or three prizhs, followed by the rest of the piano. All manifest themselves to equally, and then one is coming to the fore, then another. In Makhachkala, let's say, for the first time, Maxim Kuzmin appeared in the starting lineup, immediately became the hero of the meeting. On the account of the 17-year graduate of the Dynamo Academy named after Yashin's response and the victorious goal. The beginning of the match, however, passed in an approximately equal struggle without moments, but then our began to have an increasingly greater pressure on the Anji gate. So by the 35th minute, when Zobnin scored, there was already such a disposition of which it was customary to say – GOALLY was called. Muscovites increasingly began to penetrate the penalty area, to beat everything more dangerous on the goal. And then the excellent feed of the right of Kuzmina followed, after which Zobnin from the summer struck the beautiful blow to the near corner – 0: 1. And yet it is not possible to go for a break with our advantage. Under the curtain of the Times Umarov decided on a shot from outside the penalty area, which found the shunin surprise – 1: 1. However, the game did not have time to resume how Muscovites came forward again.The blue and white played the ball from the center, Saramutin threw a long pass into the penalty area into Kuzmin's breakthrough. The central midfielder overtook the defender, irresistibly breaking into the near corner – 1:2. This score remained until the end of the match, despite all the efforts of both teams. Ours were closer to success. Breakthroughs on the right flank of Tashaev looked especially sharp, Katashevsky was twice close to success. However, Anji also confirmed that it was not for nothing that they were in the leading group: the Makhakala team created a certain tension at the Leshchuk goal, and twice almost equalized the score – they let down the accuracy. As a result, Dynamo won another victory. Six rounds before the end of the championship, the blue and white are ahead of the nearest pursuer by ten points. Solid!

Dmitry KHOKHLOV, head coach of the Dynamo youth team: The match turned out to be difficult, I had to be pretty nervous. Moreover, Anji created chances mainly not with the help of its own combinations, but as a result of our mistakes. But all's well that ends well. Maybe we did not show the most outstanding football, but we won a well-deserved victory. Ait FC Dynamo.

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08 April 2014
Dynamo terminated the contract with Dan Petrescu

On Tuesday (April 8), a team meeting was held at the Dynamo base in Novogorsk. It announced the termination of the contract with the head coach of the club Dan Petrescu by mutual agreement of the parties.

Guram ADZHOEV, sports director of Dynamo:

– After the match with Anji, the Supervisory Board of Dynamo came up with a proposal to change the coach. Today at the meeting, Dan Petrescu and I announced to the team that the contract with the head coach was terminated by mutual agreement of the parties. We thanked Petrescu for her work and wished her good luck in her future career. Last year, Dan pulled the team out of a difficult situation, brought it to a certain level, but lately there has been no progress. We need to move forward. Now we are negotiating with Stanislav Cherchesov, I hope we will be able to introduce him as a head coach in the near future. Today, the training will be held by Nikolai Kovardaev, who was part of Petrescu's headquarters.

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