1 carat: What is it and how many grams, what is equal to the weight of one unit and how to determine the cost

What is 1 carat, how many grams are - features of measuring the weight of stones

We understand how much one carat weighs in grams, how to relate the size and quantity – we determine the value of precious stones in our article.

What is 1 carat, how many grams are – features of measuring the weight of stones

What is 1 carat, how many grams are - features of measuring the weight of stones

Methods to preserve their own savings set and one of them is investing in precious stones and metals. The cost of high-quality jewelry or ingot never falls, but only grows in price, so this attachment is always advantageous. To start investing, you need to know what 1 carat is equal in grams and its weight.

The unique beauty of jewels will definitely appreciate the beautiful half of humanity, and for men it is a good way to fix your affairs. But in order to use finance in this form of investments, you need to accurately understand the quality criteria. Do not be surprised if two are the same in the form of the sample possess a large price difference. Even if it becomes more expensive in size, then you need to look not only on its shape, but also for many other signs that form its full cost.

What is it and the weight of one carat in grams

This is the name of the unit of measuring the weight of precious stones, adopted in 1907 and now used all over the world. She got his name from a seed of a horn tree – Ceratonia Siliqua, which in antiquity was used as a measure for expensive minerals. The seed has always had a permanent weight, so it was very convenient to use it. In addition, it was always at hand, it is easy to find and apply. Thus, it was possible to even check the seller. Since then, much has changed, but the adopted system measures remained, and now you can already definitely assert how much one carat weighs – only 0.2 grams.

But some countries did not immediately agree with such criteria. Holland recognized the measurement system only in 1911, the United States in 1913. The United Kingdom lasted until 1914, and the USSR did not persist in persistently with the opinion of others and did not take a single standard until 1923.

Jewelers also have more accurate designations, where one CT is equal to 100 points. Using such a light measure, it became possible to calculate the volume and cost to the hundredth of the share.

How does the size and weight correlate

A presented gift in the form of a diamond ring necessarily causes not only delight, but also the desire to understand the magnitude of the insert. Disassemble for this decoration is categorically not recommended.

But the yield is – the severity of each such copy has long reduced to its volumes and calculated all possible patterns. If a desire to find out exactly how much carat is in the present or buy, you can simply contact the table. For simplicity, everything is indicated in terms of millimeters.

If the gem of a round form, then such a table will be relevant, if its form is different, then the method of calculation will have to select the other.This is an exemplary version of the values, since when the jeweler's cut is trying to keep the maximum source data. Therefore, weight can be somewhat different.

Stone diameter Ct.
1,1 0,066
1,2 0,006
3,8 0,2
4,1 0,25
4,4 0,33
5,1 0,5
5,3 0,6
5,7 0,75
6,2 0,9
6,5 1
6,9 1,25
7,3 1,5
7,7 1,75
8,2 2
8,5 2,25
8,8 2,5
9,1 2,75
9,4 3
10,4 4
11 5
16 13

In the world of jewels, try to measure the standard categories would be a big mistake – copies more than 2 g are usually so rare that they have a serious value that exceeds 1,000,000 dollars. These piece miracles assign names and exhibit in museums, but more often they are in private collections.

carat is how much in grams

If you need to correlate the value and diameter of the ruby, then apply the other table.

Carat 0,1 0,05 0,15 0,34 0,6 1,05 1,7 2,3 4,75
Diameter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

For each common subspecies of minerals there is its own table at which you can determine the number of CT in the decoration. But most of them are in jewelry workshops, so you can simply contact a pawnshop or other appraisal company. So you can find out at once all the characteristics of the product:

  • Market value;
  • Type of precious stones;
  • Approximate purchase price;
  • Number of CT.

The main thing is not to try to get the gem of the decoration, otherwise it will spoil the appearance of the gift forever, and the pebble itself can split or get lost.

History of weight measurement

Valuable gems inserted into clothes and decorations belonging to the kings, so the need to know exactly how much the sample weighs, appeared even then. Before the opening of the modern number system, then was as far as to the question, which is equal to one carat in grams.

So in Babylon invented the scales in which the load was put on the bowl of the device, which was necessary to equalize. On the one hand, it could be a diamond or emerald, and on the other – special girks from ordinary metal or coins. As soon as the goods were balanced, it was believed that the weight in the samples studied is the same. Traders were to use accurate weights that showed the same severity as other sellers, otherwise they could cruelly shy.

how much one carat weighs

All these criteria were large, so invented an additional unit of measurement – gera. She helped to measure small stones and was 0.57 grams.

In Persia, the main small unit of measure was adopted by Darik, which weighed 5.6 gr. A little later, a dinarium was created weighing 3.85 grams. Such a measure in monetary turnover greatly facilitated the life of sellers and buyers, but still quite large.

It is noteworthy that during the appearance of a Damar and Dinaria CT were already and were actively used, but not in Rome and the Greek empire. They were popular only in Asia countries.

How much is one karat

When the question is how much 1 carat weighs in grams, resolved – it's time to figure out how much it costs it. The price may seriously vary from many factors:

  • Colors;
  • Transparency;
  • Cuts;
  • The presence of cracks;
  • The presence of inclusions;
  • The size.

With the last pricing point, everything is clear – the larger, the more expensive.Also, for example, when the stone has no perfect surface, its assessment will be more than more than that of the same product with defects. The color can also affect the price, and quite essentially – look at the transparency of stone and glare.

In nature there are diamonds of blue, pink, yellow, purple, brown and black shades.

The cut is also of great importance. One CT can be sold in half a million rubles and more expensive depending on the cut and the concomitant metal.

carat weight in different diamonds

There are several main surface treatment types:

  • Round;
  • Oval;
  • A princess.

With the method of the princess's gelady, you need to multiply the sample height on its width and length. The result obtained is multiplied by a constant coefficient of 0.0083. The resulting result is the real weight of the jewel. You will not find out the amount of difficulty.

Oval cut differs in the calculations – you need to multiply the diameter in the square. What happens is multiplied by the coefficient of 0.0062. This is not such an economical processing, like a princess, but more economical than a round type.

one carat is how much

Round diamond is considered standard. Such pebbles are more expensive, there are 57 faces and sparkle each of them. The mass is calculated by a similar formula – the diameter is erected into a square and multiplied to height. The result obtained is multiplied by the coefficient of 0.0061. There are also larger samples, they usually have 102 faces, so they will not calculate them in such a formula.

With the last two versions, the jeweler tries to leave as much as possible from the source material and exposes it to less processing. But at the same time, such species are valued less. Calculate their cost in carats will also be more difficult, for this you need to know special formulas. In this case, it is better to turn to professionals.

How to sell it

After the gem was cut and received a quality certificate, as well as a number or title, it turns out to be in the diamond exchange registry. It is from there for the first time a sample is sold, its price is formed by market conditions depending on its purity, size and other standard qualities of minerals.

Since the diamond market is one for all countries, then in different states the cost of the same sample will be similar. Exceptions make up those specimens that sell owners themselves from private collections. In this case, they may require any amount.

What is one karat

There are three categories of stones that seriously affect the pricing:

  • Small – up to 29 Points;
  • Average – from 30 to 90 Points;
  • Large – from 91 Point.

Depending on the category in which the gem falls, its price will change. It is important to understand that mineral 89 Points will be sold much cheaper than the same, but weighing 92 Point. Visually and in the cut difference almost will not be felt, but it will already be jewels from various groups. The price difference may be 2 or more times.

Then the purity and color also takes into account, also playing a big role.If the diamond or ruby ​​is transparent, then their cost increases many times in comparison with the same in size with an instance with inclusions. The color also affects the cost – the less often there is such an instance in nature, the more expensive it will be sold. The most valuable – red, blue and black diamonds.

The presence of even one, the most shallow crack makes goods by poor quality, and its assessment decreases several times. Anyone, even an imperceptible to the usual man defect deprives the stone opportunity to be expensive.

It is important for the cost of origin, the approximate age of the mineral and the year of the find. The assessment increases and if the gem has some story, especially if it was associated with politicians, kings or just famous people.

Trying to sell a diamond without a certificate in this market it is impossible, here only those specimens that were certified by experts are taken.

When entering the Exchange, each lot is checked by its own system of organization, the sample data with the certificate specified in the certificate are checked. If inconsistencies are revealed, it will be detected from sale, and the issuing certificate and the owner will have problems.

Amazing and the biggest

Among all the gems found are the largest in the private collection of the King of Thailand. The weight of the copper belonging to him is 755 carats, he was presented as a gift to the ruler for a fifty-year-old anniversary at once several companies.

Not much less and no longer inferior in the beauty of the diamond weighs 530.2 gr, it is called Kullinan I and is stored in Tower on the Scepter of the King Eduard VII. Initially, it was a huge diamond in 3105 CT, weighing a little more than half a kilogram, but it was divided into a couple of large, 7 medium and almost a hundred minor diamonds. Its feature can be called the complete absence of chips or any cracks both to the cut and after it.

carat weight in the biggest diamond

Another really large among precious diamonds is called incomparable and has 407.48 car. Exhibited at the Royal Museum Ontario in Canada.

The size of smaller diamond is called the drop of the sun. It was found in Africa in 2010, but so far it is considered the largest yellow product – 110.3 ct. In its structure, one of the components are nitrogen atoms, this is exactly how many scientists explain his unusual shade.

Trying to answer the question, 1 carat is how many grams, it is worth thinking about who presented a gift. After all, it is not always worth calculating the cost and value of the decoration – not everyone can afford to acquire gems for millions. Sometimes even the smallest, but sincerely chosen and presented with love, can be much more expensive. And to help this Lombard Avers – here you can find different jewelry for the most demanding taste and even on a small budget. It is only worth looking here.

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