10 things a concert goer should know

Karabas Live gives ten tips on how to get the most out of going to your favorite artist

10 things a concert goer should know

Igor Panasov 22.01.18 Selections

Karabas Live gives ten tips on how to get the most out of going to your favorite artist

In any business, you can be a student, or you can be a professor. Going to a concert is no exception. Every show you visit is a new experience. We have seen thousands of performances in Ukraine and abroad, we have something to share.

We won't remind you that you don't go to concerts with a weapon in your pocket, as well as with your own food and drinks – you will read this on any ticket. We give ten recommendations that will help you squeeze out the maximum emotions at concerts and at the same time not interfere with the people who are with you in the hall from doing the same. The ability to anneal is also an art.

Don't post your ticket photo online

Problems with the passage of the audience at last year's Depeche Mode and Marilyn Manson concerts in Kyiv showed that if you show off your ticket online, this does not guarantee you a quiet life. If you buy a ticket from your hands on the Web, where they posted his image, even more so. In the modern world, an illuminated barcode means, in fact, the loss of confidential information, for which there is always a hunter. Therefore, if you still want to brag to your friends and take a picture of the ticket, leave the most valuable part of it behind the scenes. So calmer.

Get ready for the concert

The claim “they didn’t sing this song and for some reason sang this one” is a common response to a concert of a favorite foreign artist. Here's a life hack for you: 90% of the set list of the upcoming show can be found on setlist.fm. That is: after analyzing the repertoire of the performer's previous performances, you get information about what awaits you. Most often, no more than 2-3 songs change. Go to shows armed to the teeth, surprise your friends with phrases like Now they're singing 'Nothing Else Matters', I'll bet you 100 bucks.

Don't feel sorry for yourself by asking for an encore

At any decent concert there is a dramatic episode: the musicians kind of said goodbye, but all experienced people understand that they are not averse to returning. An encore is one of the main points of fan etiquette: if the public does not show how madly they want their pet, then the public is so-so. Do your homework – decide what exactly you will shout, calling the spirits of music from behind the scenes. It's not always obvious. It's clear that you have to shout at the concert of Serduchka, Gorillaz or ONUKA, but it's not so easy with Franz Ferdinand or Imagine Dragons.

Do not crush other people's feet

Ecstasy is wonderful. Ecstasy is normal. But have pity on those who are nearby, and, perhaps, are in a more sane state than you. Before you start jumping in the abyss of fellow happiness, see if there is an introverted nerd behind you who has fallen into meditation and does not intend to leave it in the next hour and a half.You can give him legs and generally break the whole buzz. He (she) deserves this no less than you, joyful horse (horse).

Do not hang in the bar

We understand, met an old friend, drank, remembered our 2007th. Just do not need to tell that the concert was so-so. If your goal is this evening – break in connection with the music, transfer better communication with pleasant people to the stage of the aftertaste from the concert. It will make your evening guaranteed unforgettable: first, you do not more technically remember more; Secondly, joint aesthetic experiences with the participation of alcohol – the thing is more accurate than just a break.

Do not rush to scold an artist for a concert delay

Before you say because of these g ** donov, we are here two hours on the frost marine, you will have to decide who you mean. Concerts are delayed due to: artists, organizers, technical failures, telephone terrorists, activists, abundance of fake tickets (see paragraph 1) and so on. Do not hurry to curse the musicians and look at them in the naval attitude towards the audience, until they realized what's the matter. Most often, your favorite at this time is beyond yourself because everything went awry because of some kind of nerd.

Participate in Flashmobakh

Concert Flashmob is a small adventure and surprise, a fun spice that aggravates the taste from the event. Paint in social networks fan pages of the artist's fans who have bought a ticket – there can often be learn about the insidious plans of your like-minded people: cut out butterflies, inflate balls, draw hearts. If you are not a deaf sociopath and not a pathological individualist, you may be pleased to join. And then, looking at the video from the YouTube concert, quietly proud of the involvement of beauty.

Buy tickets to the fan zone

The reasons for disputes in the style sound was cool! – No, the sound was sucks! Often explained to the different choice of standing point / seating. Just write down yourself: the optimal sound is always in the area of ​​the sound engineer console. And the sound engineer remote control is always in the fan zone area (or in the center of the hall, if he is sedentary). Try to get there. If you are afraid that the legs and spin are tired, grab a subject with you to sit on which you can sit (backpack, old clothes). Well, or who could take you on the handles.

Feel free to slam

If you see how people under the scene begin to push, do not cause the police. They are good. Slam is a complex of collective exercises that are committing spectators of rock concerts. In order not to fall into panic, it is better to read about Wall of Death, Crowd Surfing, Circle Pit, Stedering, Boat and other things, and be fulfillment. Slemer, although they look like a wicked-loss, there is their own ethics. For example: fallen – raise. Slam is usually practiced in clubs and on Open-Eyrah, in the Palace Ukraine he will not be very topic.

Do not talk on quiet songs

That's when you exactly regret that I didn't take a weapon with me to the concert, so it is standing among the talkers during lyric numbers.If you are bored, please rush better in your phone, do not break the buzz of others. And even better – sink, if the hall works a duet with a star. Feel the taste of soft words and notes, sometimes hidden the juice. Here is such, for example:

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