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10 best desktop games for adults 18+ according to Mosigri! The coolest games are 18+ for two adults and for an indiscreet company. Mosigra's chain stores.

10 best desktop games for adults 18+

Do you think the stands are children's entertainment? Oh, at all. We have at least ten desktop games exclusively for adults 18+ for different taste: for two and for the company. Attach your passport to the monitor, and let's read more!

Games 18 plus for two

We retired with your loved one and want to show him how much your tastes are specific? No problem! There is a minimum of five gentle and sensual options.

For you

The most romantic and not at all desktop game is 18+ for two. It can only be played once in the life of a couple, the party comes from two weeks to three months. Each partner receives an envelope with secret tasks, each of which will delight your halm. The main prize: at the end your relationship will become much deeper and cordial. It will be cool and unforgettable!

Kamasutra in cubes

Infinite entertainment. Throw the cubes, it is written there – what to do with what part of the body and in which posture. Cubes in a cool bag and glow in the dark. Easy to take with you and play where pleasing. Well, in the sense, in a cigarette apartment or hotel room – and not what you thought.

In Love game for lovers

And again the lovers will torture tasks, forcing each other better and get better. Oh, these games for two, that from the tables are moving to bed! In the box with in love you are waiting for two decks of cards with tasks, separately for him and for it. No tin in the maps, but there is a raisin: the game goes to desire, so the pleasure of the party in In Love can stretch for a few more days.

Phanti acrobatics in bed

Phanti will never come out of fashion, only become more fun and precipitators. Acrobatics in bed is a board game, honestly deserving its 18 plus mark. These tasks will be taught to new sexual equipment and poses, introduce intimate toys and seriously diverse your relationship with a partner. At the same time, no tin, only solid pleasure!

Phanti Carable Paradise

And one more portion of passion from the famous series of Phantov, this time with a sweet oriental flavor. The best way to open with your partner new love horizons is to blame him and this box in the bedroom and not to go out!

Board games 18+ for the company

In case you are no longer two, there are immodest games for a large company. After all, it should not be boring anyone!


Number of players: from 4 to 6
This board game for a very friendly company consists entirely of questions, extremely frank and romantic. All of them relate to one sphere – intimate. Strain all your knowledge and take the first place on the field in the form of a cactus – and cactus.

Dores without tower

Number of players: from 2 to 16
The usual tower, where you need to remove bars from the lower floors and put on the top. That's just. Pulled out wood with printed task? It will have to do, and this can be the most unforgettable adventure of the evening. Please note that some of the game, especially sophisticated phantas, can be postponed. Although more interesting, of course, play a complete coil.

Fanta Flirt number 8 bottle

Number of players: from 2 to 6
Classic 18 plus for a large company in the board game format. You do not need to spin the bottle, just pull the card and follow the task of the entire company. The huge advantage of the bottle is that the degree of frankness of the fulfillment of phantas depends on the participants themselves. You can stay within the limits. And you can discard the constraint!

Crocodile adulthood

Number of players: from 3 to 16
Finally, all those trigger words that we wanted to see in the crocodile are collected in the same deck. Only hardcore, while children sleep at the grandmother, only unrestrained fun and no boring moralism. Keep in mind that after the demonstration of group magic, our friend was still enrolled in theatrical!

Number of players: from 4 to 9
This wonderful list of games 18 plus would be incomplete if we forgot about a big drinking company. Yersh is also a PHANT version, only not intimate, and alcoholic. Therefore, you can wear socks with a hole, the main spare liver do not forget. And be careful – at any time a bear can come to you and make a drink. You are in Russia.

Romantic Games 18+ are in the category for adults. Want to ask an indiscreet question? Or modest? Our operators are ready for everything, call them boldly!

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