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English borrowings in Russian: 120 frequently used words

English words in Russian: 120 frequently used words that we borrowed from English. | Blog Inglex.

English borrowing in Russian: 120 frequently used words

They told about the words of English origin, which are often found in Russian speech.

English borrowings in Russian: 120 frequently used words

Russian is replete with borrowed words – the new vocabulary came from the languages ​​of those states with which our country supported dense political, economic and cultural connections or entered into military conflicts.

During the Mongol-Tatar yoke, the words of Turkic origin entered Russian, with the adoption of Christianity, the language was replenished with Greek words, words from Latin appeared with the development of science and state system. In the era of Peter I, there were many borrowing from European languages, and from the middle of the last century the number of English-speaking borrowing is growing. This is due to the development of technologies and the spread of the Internet. Many borrowing entered the dictionaries of foreign words – just about such vocabulary we will tell in today's article.

Clothing and fashion

clothing and fashion

The words jeans, Sweater and Shorts have taken root in Russian, that most of our compatriots do not perceive them as borrowed. You may be surprised when you find out how many words came to our language from the speech of English-speaking mods.

Russian word English word Meaning
Ivori. Ivory – ivory Ivory.
Body. A Body – body Tight clothing.
Windprough A Wind – Wind
Proof – impenetrable
Wind-proof clothing, usually jacket.
jeans Jeans – Pants sewn from dense cotton fabric (denim) Pants who once worked only gold killers, and today they are in the wardrobe of almost every person.
Clutch To Clutch – grab, squeeze, compress Little lady's bag, which is worn in hands.
Legins Leggings – Gaiters, Hamashi
A Leg – Leg
Pants of the tight style.
Longsway Long – Long
A Sleeve – Sleeve
T-shirt with long sleeves.
sweater to Sweat – sweat Knitted sweaters worn during the cold season.
the tuxedo A smoking jacket – Jacket in which smoke Previously, jackets in which they smoke were homemade clothing. When a gentleman was going to smoke, he put on a tight jacket (a smoking jacket), who defended his clothes from the smell of smoke and a falling ash. Interestingly, in English, a tuxedo is a tuxedo or a Dinner Jacket, and Smoking is smoking.
Stretch to Stretch – stretch So called an elastic tissue that stretches well. In Russian, the wrong version of this word is common – stretch.
Hilisa A Heel – Heel Sneakers with a wheel on the heel.
Hud. a hood – hood Hoodie.
shorts Short – short Borrowed from English Short Trusers (short pants).
Spouses Shoes – shoes Deleting name shoes.

Food and dishes

food and meals

While traveling one of the main pleasures is to get acquainted with culinary traditions and try local cuisine.Some foreign dishes have become popular around the world, and their names entered the Russian dictionary, for example: English jam or American pankeeper.

Russian word English word Meaning
jam to jam – compress, crush Analogue of our jam, only fruits are pressed and mixed to achieve a jelly-like consistency.
Kramble to crumble – crumb Pie, the basis of which consists of butter-flour crumbs.
cracker to crack – break Crispy and brittle cookies.
Pankeik A PAN – Frying
a Cake – Cake, Pellet, Pancake
American version of Russian pancakes.
roast beef Roast – Fried
Beef – Beef
A piece of beef meat, usually cooked on the grill.
Hot Dog Hot – hot
A Dog – Dog
Hot dogs came to the United States from Germany, where they called Dachshund Sandwiches (Sandwich-Dachshund). This name was difficult to pronounce and replaced it on Hot Dogs. According to one of the versions, in Germany, until the middle of the 20th century, a dog meat was added in sausages, so long sausages began to call dachshunds.
chips Chips – Roasted Criste Potatoes In American English Chips is chips, and in British – this is froth potatoes, which in American English is called FRENCH FRIES.
Shortbred Short – fragile
Bread – Bread
So called crumbly shortbread cookies. The word Short is used in the fragile value, fragile for products from the test, in which the high ratio of oil to flour.

Business and business relationships

Business and business relations

Business world terminology is built on the words of English origin, so if you work in the field of economics, management, marketing or finance, then familiar with professional English vocabulary. Today, the meaning of the words Deadline, Prime-Time and Brand does not need to be explained, but there is a vocabulary, which is understandable only in a professional environment.

Russian word English word Meaning
Outsourcing Outsourcing – Attracting resources from external sources Delegation of certain types of work by third-party specialists on a contractual basis.
Brand a brand – brand name Mark of goods, which is popular with buyers.
broker A Broker – Mediator, Agent A physical or legal person who acts as an intermediary when concluding transactions on the stock exchange, and also acts on behalf of its customers.
Dendine a deadline – deadline, deadline Deadline for performing work or agreements.
Defalt Default – non-payment, negligence, lack Inability to fulfill obligations to return borrowed funds or interest on securities.
Diversification Diverse – different, diverse The development of new activities, as well as the distribution of investments between different objects.
dealer a dealer – merchant, agent The company that is engaged in the wholesale purchases of the goods and its sale to consumers. The dealer also calls a professional participant in the securities market.
Distributor to Distribute – Distribute A manufacturer's representative who purchases products from the manufacturer and sells them to retailers, dealers, or directly to customers.
investor an investor A person or organization that invests money in projects to increase capital.
crowdfunding a crowd – crowd
funding – funding
Voluntary funding of interesting ideas by a large number of people, usually through the Internet.
leasing to lease – to lease A form of lending for the acquisition of fixed assets of an enterprise, in fact, it is a long-term lease with a subsequent right to purchase.
marketing marketing – promotion in the market, market activity Studying the target audience and promoting the company's services.
management management – management Management of socio-economic organizations.
networking a net – network
work – work
Creating a network of contacts useful for work.
know-how to know – to know
how – how
Technology, a production secret that allows you to create a unique service or product.
PR public relations – public relations Creating an attractive image of a person or company using the media and social networks.
prime time prime is the best part
time – time
The time when the broadcast is watched or listened to by the largest number of viewers.
price list aprice
a list – a list
Catalog of prices for goods and services of a particular company.
promoter to promote – promote A person who promotes a product or service.
release to release – release, publish The release of a new product, such as a film, music album, book.
retailer retail – retail sale A legal entity that buys goods in bulk and sells them at retail.
realtor realty – real estate Real estate agent, mediator between buyer and seller.
startup to start up – start the project A new company that builds its business around innovative ideas or technologies.
freelancer a freelancer – a self-employed employee who provides his services to different companies A person who performs work to order and is not on the staff of the company.
holding to hold – hold, own A company that owns controlling stakes in several enterprises.
HR HR (a head hunter) – bounty hunter An HR is a specialist from the personnel department who is looking for and inviting new employees to work.


In the list of sports vocabulary, an abundance of English borrowings. English words are called both individual sports and game participants. We can say that fans learn not only sports terms, but also expand their English vocabulary.

Russian word English word Meaning
arm wrestling an arm – hand
wrestling – fight
Hand fight.
basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, handball a ball
a basket – basket;
a volley – volley, receiving the ball on the fly;
a foot – leg;
a base – base;
a hand – hand
Sports with a ball.
body-building abody – body
to build – build
Physical exercise with machines or heavy equipment to build muscle mass.
scuba diving to dive – dive
scuba (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus)
Scuba diving.
doping dope – drug Prohibited drugs that artificially enhance the athlete's endurance and activity.
curling to curl – twist A game in which you need to hit the target with a stone sliding on ice. The task is complicated by the rounded shape of the projectile, which allows it to spin in an arbitrary direction.
kickboxing a kick – kick
to box – to box
A type of martial arts in which kicks are allowed.
cross to cross – cross Cross-country running or racing.
penalty a penalty – punishment, fine Free kick to the opponent's goal.
rope jumping a rope – rope
to jump – jump
Jumping with a climbing rope from a height.
surfing surf – surf wave Riding on the waves on the board.
skateboard to skate – ride
a board
Roller board.
sport sport – sport The word comes from disport (entertainment, distraction from work).
start start – departure, start The beginning of the competition, the race.
half time – time, term The time period of a sports game.
fitness fitness – endurance, physical culture, form Physical exercise to achieve good shape.
forward a forward – one who goes ahead of others Attack.


Almost all words from the field of information technology are borrowed, so finding a Russian analogue for them is a difficult task. The table contains the most common vocabulary, which is known not only to professionals, but also to ordinary users: browser, driver, provider, and others.

Russian word English word Meaning
browser to browse – view Program for searching and viewing Internet resources.
viral viral – viral Popular content that is distributed among Internet users.
gamer a game – game A person who is fond of computer games.
display a display – demonstration, display Device for visual display of information.
driver to drive – manage, lead A program that links a computer's operating system and its hardware components.
click a click Press the mouse button, click on the link on the site.
community a community A group of people with the same interests.
login to log in – log in Name for authorization.
a laptop a notebook – notebook, notebook Portable PC.
fast to post – publish information Blog post or forum post.
provider to provide – supply, provide A company that provides access to the Internet or mobile communications.
traffic traffic – movement, information flow The amount of data that passes through the server.
hacker to hack – hack, hack A person who is well versed in computers and knows how to hack into various systems.
user a user – user Computer user.

Other words borrowed from English

other words borrowed from English

Not all English borrowings fall into the categories we have covered above. There are an incredible number of such words in the Russian language, so linguists and philologists study their origin and compile dictionaries. In the following table, we have collected the most common vocabulary that can be heard in Russian speech.

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