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Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, author of computer science textbooks for basic schools

Author of a computer science textbook recommended by the Ministry of Education

Derut Daniil – 10th grade student, 16 years old
Volkov Alexey — 11th grade student, 17 years old
Gileva Valeria — 11th grade graduate

Lebedev Sergey Arkadyevich — Director of the Institute of Computer Technologies, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Moscow Institute of Economics, Statistics and Informatics

In the modern world, the profession of a programmer is becoming the most in demand. What programming language should a student choose to study? Quite naturally, this is a language that can simultaneously solve the largest number of relevant tasks, the language that can be used for serious projects. Today, such a language can be considered JAVA.

The developed methodological manual allows you to dynamically and deeply master the JAVA programming language, which will allow the student to develop applications on their own, as well as to independently master other programming languages ​​in the future.

Sorokin Mikhail — 10th grade student, 16 years old

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