Vladimir Plushev Need not the Champions League

Cup of Champions

– On the top three with a plus or on the four with a minus. Honestly, I initially did not expect some revelations from this championship. Yes, last season the struggle for the playoffs was tense, but the prerequisites for the fact that she would have not seen.

On the contrary, the league was reduced, and those who remained and last season served cup hopes, they did not justify them. For example, Severstal with Siberia. Here from them this year was waiting for more.

– The two-point system also did not work?

– A glasses counting systems are just a mirror that reflects the overall condition of our hockey. If the club is not adjusted throughout the vertical, if you are not ready, you will be a loser on any system – and two-point, and three-point.

Yes, some clubs – for example, the motorist and Magnitka – at three points for the victory would have even better indicators. But the two-point system makes the table more dense, there are no huge breaks between the teams. In our conditions, when there are no equal opportunities for clubs, two points for the victory allow the championship, lets say, save face.

Kunlujunu and Slovan says goodbye to what the Novokuznetsk executed

– Do I need to continue to cut the KHL?

– Very difficult question. If we had clear criteria to reduce, then perhaps this process would benefit, would exacerbate competition. But with double standards, when, conditionally, the kunlutan or word says goodbye to what they executed, for example, Togliatti or Novokuznetsk, there are plenty of issues.

– How do you like the unique 62-match format of the regular championship?

– 56 matches, as last season, or 62, as in the present, – by and large there is no special difference. It is like a glasses accrual system – something can be tinted, but the picture as a whole remains the same.

I believe that the format of the regular CHL championship depends on our global solutions. If we want to interact more closely with Europe and in particular participate in the Champions League, then the regular can be supplied. If the old world is still not interesting to us, then in theory you can go to 70 games.

Once the level of Eurotour is higher than the level of the KHL, it is impossible to leave Europe

– Do you have an interesting championship?

– In the current state and with the current state of the European hockey as a whole – is not very interesting. Champions League stretched over time, distracts large forces, but at the same time the motivation of many teams is not obvious.

But if we, after each stage, Eurotours are saying friendly that the level of this competition is higher than the level of the KHL, then it is necessary to go to the old light. I am very interested in the revival of the European Champions Cup, where or in one match, or in the winner of the Gagarin Cup and the Champions League would define the strongest club of the old world.

Judging by the fact that Eurotours cause great interest in Russia, there is no point in separating from European hockey. Especially in the current conditions, when the KHL regular championship does not fully justify our hopes, and European clubs KHL are among the outsiders. So the European Champions Cup is a good answer to many questions.

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