Three part of the partner and one pool

Engels outlined a plan to enter the sports facilities. Who and for what means to master

The administration of the Engels district almost found a builder who is ready to finish the pool at School No. 32 on the street of Minsk, 29, almost 30 years remaining long-term. And it is only part of its large-scale plans for the next 3 years.

The cost of work on bringing the basin to the final. The only applicant, LLC Stroystandard, It is taken for business at the initial price of the tender.

So far, the contract of concluding a contract rested in the complaint, but taking into account the fact that it was not overwhelmed by any Saratov tender again LLC Julie, Agreement, the Office of the Administration of the Administration of the Engels MR, most likely signs with the Contractor.

The winner is given the right to attract subcontractors, giving them 25% of the total amount of the contract. For subjects that are not related to SMEs, it is imputed, the rest may come at their own discretion. The term of delivery of the prepared pool is October 13 of this year.

The school pool on the Minsk is the most recorded long-term

Judging by the documentation, a new contractor will have to dismantle part of the internal partitions, to build new, perform the inner and exterior building of the building, install windows and doors, mount the roof.

School pool  Рonly a small part of the grand planned plan declared by the administration of the Engels district. Officials announced that there was a clear lack of sports facilities in the area, they calculated the available: one ski base, one rowing, two types, 4 pools, 5 stadiums and 31 skating rink, and announced construction and restoration of another 16 objects in the next 3 years.

Among them: the recently declared investment project on the construction of the Tennis Academy, with a two-story hotel, for some reason only 25 seats,and parking for 80 cars; Indoor Manege at the Chemist Stadium – he is declared the first football house in the region and should include an administrative complex and a football field with an artificial coating; Indoor football playpen with the indoor pool along. He is a sports complex Star; Finally, the ice palace near the price of almost

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