Tell me what your sport is and I’ll tell you who you are

Anyone (in this case, she, because this blog will be about women) who loves to play sports knows that a beautiful figure is not a goal, but a bonus. And you can get it only with regular (that is, at least 3-4 hours a week) classes. You cant do without the love of sports.

How to love sports? Very simple – you need to find a kind of physical activity that best suits our character. Plus the desire to work on yourself and see the real result. “I don’t go in for sports to be in shape, but I try to always be in shape in order to do sports,” a friend of mine, a senior in the 50+ age category, once told me. Together we skied uphill quite quickly, I slowed down halfway, and she, on the contrary, increased speed, so much so that she soon managed to disappear from view

What are we now and are we satisfied with ourselves? What qualities of character do we want to cultivate in ourselves (intrinsic motivation) and how do we want to look at the same time (extrinsic motivation)? I will try to give a few specific examples.

Since its winter outside, lets start with winter sports.

So, skiing.

Cross-country skiing Its primarily a cardio workout. At the same time, almost all the muscles of the body are involved in the work – starting from the muscles of the legs, buttocks and abs and ending with the muscles of the arms and back. Internal muscles are also actively working, for example, those that are responsible for the “packs on the press”. On average, a skier burns from 500 to 1000 kcal per hour of running, depending on body weight, trajectory and speed. Such workouts are great for burning fat and “drying” the body. It is also important that at elevated body temperature, the heart works faster, which means that more blood is “pumped”. Plus fresh air and, if youre lucky, serotonin and ultramarine. Therefore, skiers, as a rule, are distinguished by a healthy complexion and good skin.

This sport will not be chosen by a woman with low body performance. She is strong and hardy, she has a well-developed visual and musculoskeletal memory. In addition, it has been established that skiers are good at managing their emotions.

Skiing Its a big load on the legs. They are strong and strong. But the knees in this sport are very vulnerable due to their constant flexion and extension. At the same time, due to frequent turns, alpine skiing very well helps to “hone” the waistline, and also perfectly strengthens the abdominal muscles. Of the other pluses – an active mental tone, since the descent from the mountain at high speed requires full concentration and fast brain work.Physical exercise during class skiing increases energy exchange, which contributes to the enrichment of the tissue with oxygen. Fact: The body of the skiing has an increased resistance to various infectious diseases.

Mountain skiing

sport for volitional women who love the feeling of speed and are not afraid to fall from the height (in direct and figurative sense). The skiers are peculiar to perseverance and perseverance, composure and exposure, durability and initiative, independence and, of course, courage.

Its amazing, but often women who conquer the most complex tracks look as if they came down from the cover of a glamorous magazine. Maybe its all because of adrenaline?

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