The first competition of the holiday weekend began:

in the Birch Grove on the Civil Village. Pupils of cycling sections from all over the Moscow region gathered in Sergiev Posad to show their skills in mountain biking.

In honor of the Defender of the Fatherland Day, the Cycling Federation of the Moscow Region held an open winter championship and a mountain biking championship in the cross-country discipline, which are cross-country mountain bike races.

Despite the 15-degree frost, 141 athletes from 12 cities and 5 teams came to fight.

“In fact, there were fewer athletes than previously announced,” explains Alexander Shcherbakov, president of the cycling federation. “Because until this morning we didn’t know if there would be races.”

The fate of the competition depended on the arrival of the Patriarch. Since the site where his helicopter lands is located next to the sports track, His Holiness guards warned the organizers about restrictions on the passage of cars and special security measures that make it impossible to hold the competition, said Alexander Shcherbakov. The patriarch did not arrive that day.

Results of the championship and championship of the Moscow region in cycling

Denis Bedstvin became the champion of the Moscow Region

2nd place – Andrey Lagutochkin

3rd place – Dmitry Klimenko

Victoria Bykova became the champion of the Moscow Region

2nd place – Eleonora Evetisyan

3rd place – Alina Punina

An amateur ice hockey tournament among youth teams and the national team of parents, dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day, was held on the covered area of ​​the Sergiev Posad Ice Arena.

“The participants of the tournament were the teams of hockey players of the Youth Sports School “Tsentr”, SOTs “Luch”, School “Rekord” from Alexandrov and the combined team of dads “Stars,” said Roman Novikov, one of the organizers of the tournament, director of SC “Luch”. – Qualifying matches of the team played 4 on 4 players on half the court. And the final match took place in the entire area between the winners of the tournament and the parents.

The audience was sure that the victory would be for the children. Youth Center went on a break, leading 2:0. But in the next two periods, step by step, the childrens team began to yield. Hockey dads showed their idea of ​​fair play by ruthlessly shooting their kids – 3:16 score of the final period.

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