The city championship on prizes of the Sports Master of the USSR E. T. Puttseva, who passed in the Boxing Hall Avangard, gathered about 80 fighters from the FGC Shelekhov and the Sports School Youth.

Also at the tournament were representatives of Irkutsk. Behind the participants, Evgeny Putintsev himself was observed, as it is called, Professor Boxing. In 1970, Evgeny Timofeevich became the first in Shelekhov Master of Sports of the USSR in boxing.

According to the results of the meetings in their age and weight categories, the awards of the highest sample among the pupils of youth conquered Prokhor Lukovnikov, Yuri Ivanov,  Kiselev, Arseny Graveyor, Danil Vasilyev, Bogdan Spiridonov, Andrei Schnberg, Lilia Kiselev.

Among the athletes FGC Shelekhov became the winners of Artem Formanyuk, Yuri Fomin, Vladislav Marcatyuk, Roman Sorokovikov, Igor Evstafyev, Danil Vasilyev, Kirill Mamonov, Dmitry Lavrov, Maxim Guselnikov, Dmitry Kalinkin.

To another couple of medals, our boxers took in regional tournaments. So, on the championships held in IRNIT among students in memory of Coach N. V. Tyukkova Alexey Kazimirenko (in photo 1 left)Training in the FGC Shelekhov under the leadership of Andrei Kazimirenko, ranked first in the weight category up to 86 kg.

At the womens championship in Angarsk, Lily Kiselevova showed a good result (photo 2-3), the pupil of the trainer School Youth Igor Bayushkin. The athlete spoke in weight to 63 kg among girls 2006-2007. R. In the final, adequately withstanding the battle with a strong rival – the finalist of the championship 2021, Lily won the bronze. In addition, he became a candidate for the inclusion in the national team of the Irkutsk region to participate in the competitions of the Siberian Federal District. Before this tournament, the athlete is invited to teaching training teams in Ust-Ilimsk.


In Shelekhov, a new year ski race was held. Participants had the opportunity to try their strength in the sprint.

Competitions organized by the city department of culture, youth politics and sports with the support of the FGC Shelekhov and the branch of the ski racing Sportsshkol Youth, took place on December 25th. Instead of a traditional format when skiers overcame the distance along the highway around the metallurgist stadium, the organizers suggested themselves in the sprint at the stadium itself.

40 participants from Shelekhov, Irkutsk and villages of Smolenshchina came to the start. Among the representatives of the city of metallurgists in the group of boys and girls 2012 r.And the younger at a distance of 1.2 km winned Andrei Malafeev and Sofia Malafeev, the second finished Alexey Lyarov, the third – Makar Gizatullin.

In the races of the boys and girls, Mikhail Solonin and Ulyana Vaganova (both are the pupils of School Youth), Bronze went to Alexander Merceva, at the same distance Gold.

Among the young men and the girls were 13-15 years old (1.2 km), Valery Maximishin finished, the second result showed Diana Vaganov. Athletes are engaged in SS Youth.

Among the men who competed at a distance of 1.6 km, in their age groups, Dmitry Kaygorodov became the winners from SS Youth (16-19 years old), Roman Malafeev (30-39 years old) and Mikhail Yelkin (50-59 years old). Silver medals won Rudolph Maslennikov (16-19 years old) and Victor Malafeev (50-59 years old).

As noted by the chief judge Lyudmila Solonin, the sprint is distinguished by entertainment and the ability to observe the entire competitive process. According to the participants, such a race came to the taste. In February, it is planned to re-conduct sprint competitions with the involvement of more skiers and spectators.

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