Sports equipment for classes in the gym and at home, a complete overview of the equipment, cost, where to buy in Moscow

Sports equipment and equipment for classes in the halls

Sports equipment – various devices for aerobic, anaerobic and combined training, which have their own characteristics and purpose. The range of products is so diverse that without having a clear idea about each of them, especially if you plan to work out at home, it is quite easy to get confused. To avoid problems with the choice, we will analyze in detail the most popular projectiles suitable for both commercial and home use.

List of equipment for the gym, its types and purpose

One of the most popular power weights.
Despite the simple design, they allow you to build muscle,
achieve a beautiful relief, improve the shape

Another irreplaceable power attribute.
In the online store of sports equipment you can find different
neck variations: straight, curved, for parallel grip

Aerobic barbells

Body Pump involves the use of a special bar:
it has a shorter neck and curly discs with handles.
Projectile weight usually does not exceed 20 kg

They are metal rods in a plastic
or rubber sheath. In appearance bodybars
look like vultures without the ability to hang pancakes

Medical balls are balls with anti-slip

surface, filler – sand, shavings, etc.
Their diameter is 30-40 cm and weight 1-20 kg

Balls of different weights for training and rehabilitation
made of thick and durable rubber. Good grip ensures
rough surface – spikes or treads

Elastic rubber balls with a diameter of 40 to 95 cm.
Fitballs are used both in group fitness training,
and for physiotherapy purposes

BOSU balancing platform looks like half

fitball and is considered its safer counterpart.
A pump is used to maintain elasticity

A versatile projectile that is suitable not only
for step aerobics, but also for strength and cardio training.
Made of durable plastic, non-slip

Lightweight rectangular bricks with six sides,
made of bamboo, cork or foam.
They are used in yoga to help maintain balance.

Rollers for self-massage or position stabilization

when doing exercises. Products of the first type
have a studded surface, the second one is smoother.

Such products are designed for the convenience of visitors to the fitness club.
They are necessary to soften the rigidity in contact
Floor with a body

Loops are needed to stabilize body position when lifting
feet for the press. The advantage of their use – load reduction
on elbow and leaky joints

Split spring and rubber expander

The load is created either by compression,
or by stretching and measured in kilograms

Universal inventory common in many sports.
Training with a skipper strengthen the heart, accelerate the metabolism,
Increase endurance

Weight and vests

The most popular are shells in the form of a cuff
On arms and legs, vests and water bags.
The load serves as sand, metal plates, water, etc.

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