Default input mode

is Step-by-step inputin which notes or pauses are introduced one at each moment of time. However, other input modes are also available.

After leaving the wizard of the new score, your new score will consist of a sequence of clocks filled with whole pauses:

As notes enter the tact, the entire pauses are replaced by the corresponding duration in order to fill the remainder of the tact:

Notes of different durations beginning in one share are introduced by votes:

Main Methods of Input Music

This section introduces you with the basics of entering notes and pauses in step by step input using Computer keyboard. It is recommended that you work out the lesson Getting Started: An Introduction to Note Entry in MuseScore. It is available from a quick start.

Step 1. Selection of the initial position

Select the starting position for a note by clicking on the note or selecting the clock using the mouse. If you do not choose the starting point, the cursor will automatically be started at the beginning of the score when you enter into mode Entering notes (Step 2 below).

Step 2. Input to Music Input Mode

To enter the mode Entering notes , use one of the following ways:

  • Click on the N icon (First Toolbar Button Entering notes ).
  • Press N on the computer keyboard.

From the regime Entering notes You can get out in one of the following ways:

  • Press N.
  • Press ESC.
  • Click the N button toolbar.

Step 3. Selection of duration

When you are in mode Entering notes , Select the duration of notes in one way:

    • Click on the corresponding notes icon on

Music Input Toolbar

    • (Located right above the document window):

Step 4. Entering notes or pause

  • To introduce a note with a height from la to salt (A-G), simply press the appropriate letter on the computer keyboard (used English designation system, without h).
  • To enter a pause, press 0 (zero).

This input method also works if you did not even enter the notes input mode, but you have a note or pause, or it is just created by the score (in this case, the Music Input Mode is set by default).

Selection of notes or pause

The following keyboard shortcuts are used to select the duration of the note or pause in the Music Time mode:

  • 1/64th (sixty-fourth): 1
  • 1 / 32th (thirty-second): 2
  • 1 / 16th (Sixteenth): 3
  • 1 / 8th (eighth): 4
  • 1/4th (fourth): 5
  • 1/2 (Half): 6
  • 1/1 (whole): 7
  • 2/1 (Brevis): 8
  • 4/1 (Long): 9
  • dot:. (turns the selected note (pause) in a note with a point)

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