What are the types of sports shooting?

Sports shooting is the type of shooting (sports discipline), where participants in the competition compete in the accuracy and accuracy of targeting targets from various weapons.

Competitions for certain types of shooting are in the program of the Olympic Games. We will consider only the main of them.

Main types of shooting

The concept of sports shooting should be considered globally. Indeed, in fact, this concept is quite extensive and includes many different disciplines, in which athletes check their accuracy in different types of weapons. You can also classify shooting in directions, then it will look like this:

  1. Shooting on the stand.
  2. Practical shooting.
  3. Bullet.

Standing Shooting

Standing shooting is one of the most common types of sports shooting. Competitions can be held in open areas, on a special area. Athletes with smooth-bore weapons (shot charges) must strike targets (plates) that runs a special installation.

The roots of the stand shooting go far Middle Ages, where this type of shooting was very popular among England's hunters. Since that time, the rules have undergone some changes, because previously fired by living pigeons.

Boated shooting competitions are held at the Olympic Games. In particular, competitions in three disciplines are held:

  • Skit.
  • Ladder.
  • Double-lad.

The varieties of stand shooting are distinguished by conditions in which the athlete needs to be shot. In various types of stand shooting can use such stands:

  1. Trench booth.
  2. Double-lad.
  3. Round.

What is warming?

Warming is one of the options for sports shooting, and the shooting skills at the athlete must be at a high level. This discipline initially assumed the hunting for rodents. The specificity of sports discipline and its distribution is associated with such a type of hunt, like a dryrch hunt. The brown can take a fixed position for a long time and stand above the mink on two paws, it is precisely because it becomes an easy target for hunters.

If you decide to do this sport, you will definitely have to spend money on a special weapon, it is called Varmint Rifle. Simply put, it is a small-caliber rifle (somewhere 5.6 mm) with a heavy barrel and a good optical sight. The task of the arrow is to get from a long distance to the target. The target looks like a silhouette of a groundok. Shooting is carried out with a stop or with a special stand.

be different. There are two types of targets for bullet shooting: printed and electronic. The first option is made in a printing house from a special white material. It is necessary to draw a pattern on the material. The target is made in such a way that in the event of a hit, its edges do not fall apart, but remain intact.

As for electronic targets, they are most often used for competitions. The big advantage of such targets is that they can independently determine how accurately the shot was fired.

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