This selection of films about sports that can be viewed in the Kartinatv subscription, it is definitely useful for you!

Maurice Rishar (2005)

This wonderful biographical tape is not too famous to the mass audience, and very in vain. The picture tells the story of the legendary Canadian hockey player Maurice Rishara – the first athlete, who managed to drive 50 pucks in just one season to the opponent's gate. Maurice completed his career in the status of a better scorer in the history of the league. On the screen, his image perfectly depicted Roy Dupui – the actor deserving the special attention of the audience.

The person who has changed everything (2011)

This film with Brad Pitt in the title role deservedly received as many as six nominations for the Oscar Prize, including in the category Best Film of the Year. The tape is based on real events. The focus is on the little-known baseball team Auckland Atletices, which is experiencing a black strip.

Legend №17 (2013)

Another film about hockey legend, but already about Soviet. Danila Kozlovsky and Oleg Menshikov played in the sports drama Legend number 17, telling about the life and the most famous game Valery Harlamov.

Creed: Rocky Heritage (2015)

The continuation of the history of the cult rocks Balboa performed by Sylvester Stallone did not disappointed fans of the franchise. In the new film about professional boxing, Michael B. Jordan, who plays the son of the famous Boxer Apollo Cre.

Ford vs Ferrari (2019)

The Oscar-1 film with Matt Damon and Christian Bail tells the audience about how one of the car revolutions occurred. The tape is dedicated to how Henry Ford decided to fight the king of racing automotive industry.

Invisible Party (2009)

Another Oscar premium owner is in our list. A film based on real events, talks about how much care and kindness can change human life.

Tonya / Tonya against All (2017)

Our selection of films about Sport Oskarone Ribbon I, Tonya is completed (it is sinking against all), dedicated to the scandinally well-known American figure skater tone Harding. Her role on the screen brilliantly performed Margot Robbie.

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