April 6, there is an international sport for the benefit of development and peace.

Date is not chosen by chance. It was on April 6, 1896 at the Panatinaikos stadium in Athens, the first Olympic Games of our time started in Athens. They took part 241 athletes from 14 countries. 80,000 spectators were present at the solemn opening of the games. What is quite worthy for the current Olympics.

The first Olympians played 43 sets of medals in nine sports: wrestling, cycling, athletics, swimming, sports gymnastics, shooting, tennis, weightlifting and fencing.

Lets not forget that the ideological inspirer of the revival of the Olympic Games was the Frenchman Baron Pierre de Cubertret. For what he is eternal memory and eternal respect.

But I was going to send my athletes. Preparation went in many major cities. Participation prevented the lack of funds. True, several athletes still went to Athens from Odessa, but they were able to get only to Constantinople, and then returned home.

Curious current facts for us. The gender issue was then not stood, therefore women were not allowed to compete.

Those games are generally different from modern – there was no Olympic Fire and awarding medals. The organizers did not follow the nationality of players and behind the medal test.

But curious prehistory of the first games is curious. On June 23, 1894, the first Congress of the International Olympic Committee was held in Paris, which convened Pierre de Coubert. In order to declare his project for the revival of the Olympic Games. The idea was not new, during the XIX century in various European countries, several local sports events were held, organized by the sample of the ancient Olympic Games. But it was Couterret first that he proposed to make such games traditional, international and uniting competitions in many sports.

So, Couterretic planned to hold the Olympic Games in 1900 in Paris and coincide with them to the World Exhibition, which was scheduled for this time.

However, as soon as the news about the coming revival of the Olympic Games fell into the seal, it began to be widely discussed. And the Delegates of the Congress decided that six-year wait could reduce interest in the games. Then they agreed on their holding in 1896.

The new place was at first considered London. However, the friend of Cubertine Greek poet, the writer and translator Demetrius Vikelace, invited to Congress with a report on the tradition of the ancient Olympic Games, unexpectedly suggested Athens, which would symbolize their continuity of games in ancient Greece.Congress approved this proposal, and Vikelas himself elected president of the International Olympic Committee, since only a representative of the host game could take this position according to the charter.

Yes, I will add that the first Olympic champion of modernity was the American jumper Triple James Connol, who showed the result of 13.71 m. It is also part of the World Olympic Story.

So today is a big sports holiday. What we congratulate you all and congratulate you!

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