Cappertrophy: project review and detailed review – International League of forecasters, allowing beginner and professional capperas to post predictions and make profits from paid subscriptions. For users, the site is interested in detailed statistics on the work of the analyst – unscrupulous projects are not able to fake the passability and, accordingly, to deceive customers.

Project activity

Cappertrophy COM works since 2017 and during this time the project managed to attract almost 90,000 users. In addition to the placement of kapper, the site is free of charge of visitors to the rates in the School of Betting. Most articles are posted by the resource administration, but analysts also give the opportunity to speak out – their articles are subjected to moderation and after that published.

Ceperrophi Commission

The site charges a commission of 50% from the profits of kapper. The cost of paid subscriptions establish analysts – the approximate price per month is 20-30 dollars. Forexists conclude betting orders – signals for Live rates do not have time to reach customers.

Project Capper Statistics

Detailed information about the passability and profits of kapperov is the main advantage of the project. The analytics page publishes statistics for selected months, the percentage of payback, the average coefficient and other parameters.

General Statistics Analytics on the site

The forexistant yield calculator is an interesting feature that allows you to calculate approximate income with kapper. The profits of analysts from Top-20 causes questions – according to the placed data, the Bank of the Bettor is increasing 10 times in collaboration with the site leaders.

Calculator profitable caper trophy

Cappertrophy social networks

The project has accounts in many social networks – Facebook, VK, Instagram and YouTube. They practically do not have any activity

Cappertrophy has a bot in Telegram, it is used to send alert users. The news canal in the messenger does not have a project.

Most of the opinions about Ceperstrophi Compared in a positive way. The exchange of forecasts has proven itself as a convenient platform for beginner kapper. Bettors resource is also suitable, they pay attention to the statistics of analysts and subscribe to their paid forecasts.

However,  it is noted that the Top 20 forecasts include the site administration accounts.The fact is that in order to compensate for the High Commission, the project launched a program for the promotion of the best kapper – the twenty of the best receives cash prizes of from 50 to 1000 dollars.

Cappertrophy forexistors tournament

As noted earlier, some analysts have a transcendent profit – it affects the rating results and raises the account position in the rating table. Such forecasts are observed with sharp 2rs who look extremely suspicious.

Cappertrophy fraud

The international league of forecasters was not involved in fraudulent schemes. Manipulations with a rating remain only guesses, so accusations towards Cappertrophy do not have obvious grounds.

Site reviews Rating Capper about the Cappertrophy project

We recommend that you get acquainted with the project following the following rules:

  • Do not use the services of the best manufacturers of the site;
  • Browse analyst statistics;
  • Purchase a subscription at a significant bank.

Pay attention to kapper with a small popularity and you may be able to earn together with Cappertrophy.

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