How to play sports to lose weight

How to play sports to lose weight

Metabolism and weight loss

To understand how loss of excess weight occurs, you need to remember what is metabolism.

Metabolism is called the process of metabolism in the body. It includes two stages:
Anabolism – The process of creating new compounds in the body, including tissues and cells.
Catabolism – the opposite process of the metabolic decay of complex substances to the simpler.

The process of weight loss is directly related to catabolism, since it takes a splitting of the fatty layer. Active cardion loads stimulate splitting processes, due to which weight decreases. But it is worth noting that muscle fibers are disintegrated together with adipose tissue. That is, losing fat deposits, you lose both the muscles. Pursuing only on cardiotrymen, you will get a thin, but debrity body.

During power training, anabolic processes are activated, that is, new fabrics are created. That is why the muscles begin to grow. At the same time, a fat layer may increase, if not followed nutrition and regularly exceed the daily calorie rate.

To purchase a beautiful, strong and taut body, it is necessary to observe the balance between the anabolic and catabolic processes in the body, combining power and cardiography. The optimal option will be the addition of cardion loads immediately after power exercises.

Lets consider the option of combined training for weight loss, which can be held both in the gym and at home. It is necessary to train 3-4 times a week, making a small vacation between training. The occupation will take 70-100 minutes, of which:

  • Workout – 5-10 min,
  • Power part – 40-50 min,
  • Cardio – 20-30 min,
  • Zaminka – 5-10 min.


It is necessary to start any training with a warm-up, which will not only prepare the body to load, but also prevent injury. To begin with, perform a simple articular warm-up, and then warm up well on any cardiotryman or jump on the spot.

You must feel warm and energy in all muscles. Pay attention to warming up the knees, since they are most often traumatized with the power load.

Power part

The basis of the power training should be basic exercises on large muscle groups: squats, roding, push ups, lunges, pull-ups.During the execution of such exercises, several muscle groups are involved, which allows you to quickly bring the body into shape. Do not try to take the maximum weight, since the goal is not to increase muscle mass, but to strengthen the muscles and burn a fat layer.

For high-quality study of certain muscles, use insulating exercises: flexion and extension of legs in the simulator, breeding dumbbells to the side, mixing hands in the simulator, lifts of dumbbells on biceps and others.

The training program should include 3-4 basic and 2-4 insulating exercises depending on the level of physical training. Include several exercises to the press, which are performed at the end of the power part.

Perform each exercise in 3-4 approaches to 15-20 times.

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