Promoting physical culture and fire-applied sports among children and young people – one of the main tasks of socially oriented activities of the All voluntary fire fighter society!

Every year, more than 1,800 sporting events of various levels are held annually with the participation of VDPOs – from local, regional to international. More than 100 thousand children and young people engaged in fire and applied sports are involved in these competitions.

Competitions in this sport are held since 1969. Each time they become the center of attention of schoolchildren, they cause their parents close interest, activate the propaganda of fire safety measures among the wide segments of the population.

Today, spectacular competitions attract more and more participants and viewers, being a bright visual propaganda of the work of the VDPO.

Mass competitions on the championship of districts, cities, voluntary sports societies are being conducted, zonal championships, championships and even the world are organized.At the same time, each of the types of all-around in fire and applied sports are directly related to the performance of exercises containing the real elements of combat training of firefighters, and sports equipment used by athletes took from the arsenal of fire and technical weapons.

In the process of competition, the guys have to overcome the 100-meter bar with obstacles, rise to the floors of the training tower using an assault staircase, to show an outstanding skill and dexterity in combat deployment, speed and courage in the relay run, at the last stage of which it is necessary to smeater fuel liquid using a fire extinguisher .

The Moscow Regional Branch of the VDPO, taking the costs of holding regional, district,international competitions in fire and applied sports, every year, together with the divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Moscow Region, conducts more than 50 competitions in which about 2500 children take part. It became the traditional winter and summer championship in the Moscow region for fire and applied sports among young men and girls on the prizes of the Moscow Regional Branch of VDPO.

High and stable indicators of the junior team of the Moscow Region Fire-Applied Sport Championship titles, first place for 15 yearswould be impossible without supporting and concerning the Moscow Regional Branch of VDPO, Chiefs of FPS units and Heads of the Departments of the Supervisory Activities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations as well as coaches of the team of young men.

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