Do you like sports?

Do you think at least some sports? Me not. I am absolutely not interesting for me to football, baseball, golf or any other sport, in which the balls with a rabid speed fly near the face. I love sports that suggests in nature. Do you know how to talk about sports outdoors in English?

My favorite of them is Kayaking. I love to be on the water, but the preparation of a boat to the seabed may be tedious and expensive. Why not enter the water on your village? Kayak looks like Canoe. Both types of these boats are long, compact and waterproof. However, kayak has a small hole for rower, and the canoe has a completely open top. In order to move on these boats, you need to use Paddle. The paddle is a short stick with a peculiar fin at the end. You move the paddle back and go ahead to slide on the water. This is a great training, and I often have my hands very much the next day after active rowing!


What about snorkeling?

Have you ever tried to swim under water with a breathing tube? Snorkeling is a wonderful way to diversify the usual swimming. For snorkeling classes, you need to wear a mask to see under water, and snorkel, that is, a long tube that allows you to breathe. The tube is inserted into the mouth and protrudes over the surface of the water. Brilliant invention! In your previous dives, I managed to see the sea turtle, jellyfish, starfish and octopus. What did you see?

Another exciting water sport is Scuba Diving. Scuba diving with scuba is much more difficult snorkeling. You need to go through great preparation and get a diver certificate before trying to do this sport. You must wear a special suit and a cylinder with oxygen, allowing you to breathe under water for a long time. Floating under water with aqualing, you can plunge deeply and in the middle of a close-up to see the life of the ocean.

What do you say about Surfing?

I tried to surf several times, and iеs a pity that I have not yet become a specialist in this matter. It is incredibly fun, especially if you manage to get up onto the board. Surfing is a sport in which you climb on a long or short board and rolling around the wave. And how it would be great to catch a huge barrel! The barrel in the language of surfers is the cavity inside a large breaking wave, in which surfist can drive.

Finally, lets talk about trekking. Did you go to Trek before? I mean a long tour of the picturesque places where no types of transport are not used, besides your feet. There are only you, nature and more than anyone.Perhaps you were in hiking and put tents in the forest? Have you been brought to see any wild animals?

What other sports come to you? Outdoor sports, in my opinion, is much more fascinating. No need to worry about protective equipment, balls flying in a person, as well as who will receive a point and win. It seems to me that sports described above are more pleasant and therefore are my favorite pastime in nature. What do you think about this? What are your favorite sports? Have you tried to deal with some kind of active recreation from those listed by me? Would you like to do one day? Tell us!

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