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Hi all! Today I decided to gather in a bunch of programs and tables, which can be useful for sports betting.

Some of them allow you to estimate the bet in the bookmakers office much better than if you do it manually, although you will have to do a lot too 🙂 What is the language just to scratch, proceed to the most important thing – posting links.

Bet-Plus 2019 (updated 2020)

Programs in the form of an exile file with a loading of information from different sites for collecting statistics. The program issues forecasts for football matches fairly accurately, focusing on different indicators, including the results of the last matches. In the archive, the usual version of the BET-Plus 2019 and the updated, as well as the instructions file.

Totalizer Master v1.4.10

The program allows you to generate a package code. The program is intuitive, using it, you can carry out the rates of the brief system. Brif-system It gives the opportunity to make such a package on the matches of the tote, in which if all the elections are played, then at least one coupon will fall into the prize category that you have chosen.


Exactly the same program as the master tote, only more expanded, there are several additional. Generation modes.

Totalo v2.2.

A program that defines the totals of football matches. Essentially very simple.

Program ZX16 V2.

With this software, you can predict the outcomes of matches using statistics.

Program Accurate account

The program the exact account allows you to analyze on the basis of the amounts of goals scored for 7 matches.

FootBet V1 and V2 and V3

With this program, you can estimate the likelihood of a victory of a team, based on: team class, its own or someone else's stadium, the results of the last 5 matches, places in the standings, the number of missing basics players, the difference between days with the last game and so on.


The usual form of Excel in the form of a separate program for taking into account your rates made, allows you to analyze and count your successes in betting.


The program is a set of calculators for sports betting – 17 pieces.

BC Calculator

Analyzer for football rates, taking into account the coefficients in the bookmakers.


Futanaliz is a program for analyzing a football match. It is an exile file.


Igor-SAN program for generating batch rates (brief system) for totators Fonbet, marathon, betsite, baltbet, etc. + a set of text combinations.

Golplyus v10.1.

Golplyus is a fairly popular matches analyzer, everything is carried out through the excel file with the calculated formulas.

Golplyus Turbo 5.

Golplyus Turbo is one of the Golplyus series, which can analyze football and hockey matches.

Golplyustotal Pr.

Golplyustotal Pro is the analyzer of football matches for scored goals.

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