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1-1-31 Gardener VKontakte Ariella Women's Clothing Battles Gardener, Cardigans Women's Battles Gardening, Suits Female Battles Gardener, Sundaries Batal Gardener, Dresses Female Battles Gardener,

1-1-31 Gardener VKontakte Ariella

Women's clothing Battles Gardening, cardigans Women's Battles Gardening, costumes Female battles Gardener, Sundars Batal Gardening, Dresses Female Battles Gardening, Jackets Female Atlas Gardening, Tunics Female Battles Gardener, Women's Battle Battles Gardener. Women's branded clothing Batala Gardener, trousers female battles Gardening, overalls Women's bars Gardener.

So why do this brand and this supplier love all regional stores?

1. This Turkish quality of clothing.
These are well-thought-out models, and accurate patterns, and a chic fabric from which this clothing is sewn. Really high-quality goods.

2. All goods are certified.
You can calmly sell it at any store of your city. Well, in the Republic of Belarus every week the whole buses are leaving with this clothing, since everything is OK with documents.

3. Very loyal trading policy on the point.
You take one thing, or buy a large wholesale – for 1-1-31 you are always the most expensive client.
Sellers will definitely prompt you that now from their range is sold well, and what is better to take a little for the sample.

4. Just a huge range of women's clothing up to 64 sizes.
Dresses, blouses, t-shirts, costumes, trousers (pay special attention to the pants – it is hit sales), shirts, overalls – in general, have something to choose from.

Working conditions:

  1. Sending to all regions. From 15 000 rubles. To make an order for sending, you need to call the number +7 925 178 88 01, send a photo of the desired product with a screen of the wall so that the price is visible. (Be sure to specify the size, quantity and color)
  2. When receiving the goods, be sure to shoot video with recalculation of the number and checking clothes for marriage. Without video, do not accept claims.
  3. Payment 100%, on Sberbank card. You are invalid, you pay and send you.
  4. The goods are sent by all the transport companies located in the Gardener market. You must choose which TC and what kind of shipment; Avia / terrestrial / railway. Information about the delivery to your city and dates, you can clarify by calling the hotline of the TC, which will choose.
  5. If you send by bus, you must provide information on which parking lot your bus, the bus number and the time of cargo.
  6. Delivery on TC and buses paid.
  7. Delivery to the bus -100r, delivery in TK-300R, SDEK-500P. It all depends on the volume of delivery.
  8. ! ️Fee do not send! ️

+7 925 178 88 01 WhatsApp
Call during working hours from 9.00 to 17.00.

Subscribe to the group not to lose.
And if your intermediary of the market Gardener for some reason does not work with this point – convince it to add this assortment to its group. The goods are really cool!

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